Champagne Jérôme Blin

Logo-Champagne-Jerome-BlinRegion: Vallée de la Marne

Description: Jérôme Blin comes from a family which has had a long history in Champagne in general and the Marne Valley specifically. Jérôme’s Grandfather was instrumental in the establishment of the H. Blin co-operative in the village of Vincelles in 1947.

In recent years Jérôme has struck out on his own and created his own label, Champagne Jérôme Blin. Following the principles of biodynamics, Jérôme has successfully established a reputation for producing champagnes of elegance and with purity of flavour.

Website: www.champagne-jeromeblin.fr

2008 Jérôme Blin
Blend: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Meunier
Dosage:  7g/L

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